What is Titanium Steel?

What is “Titanium Steel”?

If you've searched for titanium earrings or rings you've probably found products labelled as "Titanium Steel".

It pops up on various online shopping sites when searching for Titanium products. So what is it?

"Titanium Steel" is not Titanium! It is a term for Stainless Steel, mainly used on imported direct and dropshipped products from China.

It's an intentionally misleading term as there is no Titanium used in the product, but by putting a "Titanium Steel" label on a product in our opinion encourages confusion. Worse, if you are allergic to Nickel or Stainless Steel and think your buying titanium you'll have a reaction.

All the confusion potentially gives Titanium a bad name.

What is titanium steel

So why does the “Titanium Steel” label exist?

As most people are not allergic to Stainless Steel most people won't notice the difference. Stainless steel is also much easier to work with, so you can cast shapes easier and cheaply. Where Titanium requires very technical casting requirements and harder machine tools.

Sometimes it seems like a way to charge more for Stainless Steel products and undercut the Titanium ones whilst borrowing the Titanium name. It may be a culture issue or just dodgy business practice . We've seen the issue on overseas manufactures websites and sourcing sites. Selling products as “Titanium Steel” or even Titanium,when they're not. Shop owners can buy these to sell on without knowing the true material.

That's why it's important to go to a reputable source.

Titanium Steel” can also be used to describe mixed material products. Some body piercing have a titanium shaft but the claw which hold gem (which is more difficult to produce) is Stainless Steel. We've also seen these labelled as Titanium and whilst not untrue, only part of the product is Titanium, it's not wholly true.

If your shopping for Titanium earrings and necklaces. Also make sure the backings and clasps are also Titanium rather than "Titanium Steel”. Other shops earrings can have Titanium posts and Steel backings and sometimes these are labelled as “Titanium Steel” or and conveniently miss out describing the backings. We only use Titanium backings.

Like every Industry there are good suppliers and bad, if your a shop owner or end user, always ask the grade. Stainless steel is commonly 316, Titanium is normally graded like “Grade 2” or “Grade 5”. If it seems too good to be true it normally is.

We would like to see an end to “Titanium Steel” descriptions or at least clarification it's Stainless steel. We believe it confuses customers and is designed to rip people off by mis-selling products.

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