My vision...

Here you will find special pieces of jewellery crafted out of materials such as Titanium, Niobium and Tantalum that anyone with or without allergies can wear. No mixed messages just 100% allergy free inert metals.

So why?

I started making titanium jewellery out of a simple need. I wanted presents for my wife, and also my mum who are both allergic to different things. Finding jewellery isn't difficult, there's a lot of choice. But I knew my wife was allergic to Nickel, and Silver, but I couldn't say with confidence what else. It was also different if the metal went through the skin or just sat on top...never simple.

That feeling you probably have had

I doubt I'm alone, but the uncertainty I felt when shopping for a person with allergies took away a lot of the enjoyment.
The anxiousness that was there, when they opened it, the feeling like I had to pre-warn them, taking away the surprise. I hated it and I don't want any uncertainty when I buy something special. Now, I hope to eliminate that feeling... then, I didn't know where to turn.

The dreaded search

I did know one thing... my wife wore Titanium. Over quite a few years, I've seen her attempt so many different types of metal earrings, witnessed the frustration and seen some piercings heal over after getting fed up.
So I searched.... I found some labelled as titanium! but after buying them and testing them turns out they were Stainless Steel. And even Surgical Stainless Steel contains 12% nickel. No good.
I wanted something special and allergy free but couldn't find it.

It started with a birthday gift

allergy free hypoallergenic titanium stud earringsMy background is product design, and I've always been very hands on. So I decided the only way to get what I want, that I knew to be titanium, was to make something!

Plus it should be more special right?! These are them :)
Cat ears fixed onto pearls, set on Titanium posts.
Looking at it now it's crude, it was a first, but it worked! It was something I could guarantee she could wear. When I gave her it, I felt none of the usual uncertainty and apprehension, but more importantly she was over the moon! And as simple as they may be, they still bring a smile to my face when she wears them today.

And then kept rolling

allergy free hypoallergenic titanium stud earringsRelief! ...but then Christmas was coming up. Should I buy something? After having searched for hypoallergenic jewellery for months I knew a few of the things to look out for and the pitfalls to avoid. But I didn't fancy trudging through the miscommunication and lies about hypoallergenic jewellery.

Or I could make something! Plus I thought I could improve. So i did! Each month there were new aspects, different techniques, tools, findings and more impressively, products I had made and designed in my hand! This was what i made for her for Christmas.

Taking it further...

But... I didn't stop.
I had many designs and possibilities, my wife helped me to focus and narrow it down. I also started speaking to suppliers and jewellers to make the parts of my designs I needed experience for. Relying on expert manufacturing. My focus was a few pieces to begin with, a direction, and a process. And 6 months later it culminated in a small highly polished collection with original designs that I'm now proud to put on here for anybody to own.

What I want

allergy free hypoallergenic titanium stud earrings pendantI believe everyone should be able to wear something special regardless of allergies.
And ...If your buying for someone with allergies, you should buy with confidence!

Here you wont find any compromise on materials. I'm never going to use Stainless Steel or Silver, in place of Titanium just because it may do or "hit more of a audience" I want people to browse in confidence, buy in confidence and wear amazing allergy free jewellery.

Hope you find something you love.