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Our obligatory about us page.

Welcome! Glad you found us customer/competitor/spambot (delete as appropriate) Here you will find a bit about us, Catlogix. So, whether you’re genuinely interested or a bit nosey, I don’t mind which, enjoy.

What we do

Here you will find special pieces of jewellery crafted out of inert materials for sensitive skin, such as Titanium, that anyone with or without allergies can wear. No mixed messages just 100% allergy free inert metals.

So why?

Once upon a time a designer/maker called Jim couldn’t find jewellery for his wife, and although he was terrible at writing “about us” pages, he was good at google! Finding jewellery isn't difficult, there's a lot of choice, as long as you don’t have allergies or sensitive ears. The problem wasn’t him; it was his wife! She had super sensitive ears and reacted to most things.
He knew she was allergic to Nickel, and Silver, but couldn't say with confidence what else and every nice item he found wouldn’t say what it was made from. Would she react to it…?

That feeling you probably have had

If you’re here, then you’ve probably had that uncertainty when shopping for a person with allergies. The “will they react to this factor” takes away a lot of the enjoyment.

The dreaded search

He did know she wore Titanium. Over quite a few years, he’d seen her attempt so many different types of metal earrings, witnessed the frustration and seen some piercings heal over time after she got fed up.
So he searched, and found some cool earrings labelled as titanium and to be certain, tested them with his links in the jewellery trade, they came back as Stainless Steel! Anger, Rage! Who sells Stainless Steel as Titanium??! Turns out, a lot of online sellers. Surgical Stainless Steel (or Titanium Steel as some call it) contains 12% nickel and it was on the list of materials she has reactions to.
After months of searching for something special and allergy free, he couldn't find anything he was confident about.
He also found writing in the third person a bit odd.

It started with a couple of gifts

So, I decided the only way to get what I want, that I knew to be Titanium, was to make something!
Cat ears fixed onto pearls, set on pure grade 1 Titanium posts.
Looking at it now it's crude, it was a first, but it worked! It was something I could guarantee she could wear. When I gave her it, I felt none of the usual uncertainty and apprehension, but more importantly she was over the moon! And as simple as they may be, they still bring a smile to my face when she wears them today.
For Christmas I made a pendant, and after I started to get family and friends asking me about making items for them and their loved ones.

Keeping it rolling

So I did, and then made some more. I started to put a few pieces on Etsy all the time being totally clear with what metals I use and what each piece is made from. It’s grown since then with more designs and my wife joining me on the admin side so I can focus on products.

What I want

I want everyone to be able to wear something special regardless of allergies. If you have sensitive ears, I want you to be able to say “buy me anything from that site please!”

Here you won’t find any compromise on materials. I'm never going to use Stainless Steel or Silver, in place of Titanium just because it may do, "hit more of an audience", or be easier to work with.
Having searched for so long I’ve seen the mis-selling and lies around hypoallergenic jewellery, I want to combat that, and offer totally clarity about what we sell. One way we do that is by Assay testing and letting you know exactly what something is made from. You can now even shop by material!
Simply, I want to be a place that people can buy special hypoallergenic jewellery from, with confidence. Knowing you’re getting exactly what you expect!
Hope you find something you love.
Jim… and Sula!
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