Relax with a 100 day no worries guarantee.

If you read my story you know I want you to have complete peace of mind when buying hypoallergenic jewellery for you or someone special.  

Unlike alot of places that wont accept returns for piercings, I will.

I want you to be able to take time and not worry.  Be certain, and love your jewellery! So don't worry... relax!

We have a 100 day guarantee that if your not happy for any reason, your welcome to return your product.

In fact please email me at or DM me on instagram @catlogix if you have any questions or feedback.

I believe in Titanium, its inert and bio compatible, used in surgical replacements and extremely hypoallergenic. So whilst I can say with 99.9% certainty you wont have a reaction, everybody is different. If you do have any reaction then like wise email me asap and lets figure it out. So far this is noone.