How-to look after your Pearls

 Keep them secure. Keep them Natural.

Pearls are natural gemstones built with layer upon layer of nacre to create the characteristic pearl lustre. They're quite fragile, dropping them can crack the surface and they can become dull with time but with proper care both the Pearls and their lustre can last a lifetime.

Keep them secure

1. Avoid jewellery boxes

Pearls can easily crack or mark. So if you put your Pearls loose, say in a jewellery box, the other jewellery will rub against it causing scratches and marks on your Pearls.
Always keep them secure
where other jewellery wont knock into them, to avoid this. If you have to store with other jewellery, try wrapping them in a soft cloth.

2. Avoid rubbing

Beware of what your pearls may rub against when you wear them. If you wear many necklaces or bracelets, the pearls next to these can rub against the other jewellery you wear, causing scratches. Try to keep them separate especially if your wearing them everyday.

3. Store flat

Bracelets are easy to store on a hook or stand. But Pearls can rub against the hooks and even themselves when larger. Try to keep them flat in a box. Strung Pearls should have a knot between each Pearl, so if they brake the whole string won't fall. This helps, but wont stop them potently rubbing against themselves when hung up.

4. Long term storage

Air tight containers can damage Pearls. This is the same for safes and zip lock bags. If your keeping pearls in storage for a while. Then either take them out periodically or store with a glass of water to increase the humidity.

Keep them natural

1 . Put them on last

Perfume, hair spray and other chemicals can damage the surface of pearls. To avoid this simply make them the last detail you put on when you head out.

2. Clean them when you take them off

Your body contains natural oils and sweats. These to can dull the Pearl if not cleaned. When you remove your Pearls simply give them a gentle clean. The best way is to always wash with mineral water. To make sure no chemicals remain on the surface. If you wear them long term, like a lot of people do with studs, use a cotton bud to clean around the pearl periodically, especially if you have had a active day working out.

3. How to clean pearls?

Well it's simple. Add a drop of mineral water to a smooth cloth to gently get rid of any dirt or even perspiration, you just want to keep the Pearls natural. No way should you use any cleaning chemicals. If you have to, Baby shampoo is the best if you need to clean the settings around the pearls but always wash away with mineral water.
Why mineral water? Depends on your country but standard tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals. Its not the end of the world if you use tap water instead of mineral, but your Pearls will thank you for the extra effort in the long-term.
Small soft toothbrushes work well for intricate pieces and settings. Whereas hard brushes can scratch the surface.
cleaning pearls in mineral water


It helps to think of the soft organically grown nature when caring for Pearl jewellery but if you keep them clean and secure, you’ll keep them vivid and in top condition for several years.
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