What are lab grown diamonds?

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

As the name implies, lab grown diamonds are the gems which are grown inside laboratories. They are environmentally friendly as they don’t ruin the planet with mining. These lab made diamonds are considered as synthetic diamonds, which is composed of similar material as the mined one. They are both made of pure carbon along with a crystalline structure, making them highly undistinguishable by mere jewellers.

The only difference could only be seen by employing specialised tools and equipment. Such lab grown diamonds are made by different methods. It could be processed through Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), which is composed of explosive formation and sonication. The other method is called the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process. This method is utilised due to its low price. The process is composed of a pressure of 5 GPA at 1500 degrees Celsius.

Ethical Considerations

The good thing about lab grown diamonds is that they are conflict-free. Only lab diamonds are 100% guaranteed conflict-free. Most of the time, naturally mined diamonds are extracted from fulminated regions of Africa. Natural and land resources are ruined in the process, which leaves residents without clean and safe drinking water and a means to support themselves economically. Such so-called blood diamonds help violate human rights and support wars.

Are They Real?

Lab grown diamonds are real gem quality diamonds. Yes, they are not fake! With the help of technology in an artificial setting, such gems are created in a matter of four days inside a lab compared to natural gems, which take many years to form. You don’t need to mine under mineral ores just to have one, making the process much affordable than mining natural diamonds.

The only difference is the source of such diamonds is grown under a controlled setting in a laboratory. You can easily wear this fabricated gem without having to think of the environmental and conflict concerns linked along with mining natural diamonds. You can glow in your look, knowing you could also value this matter.

Can You Tell the Difference?

What the majority of people do not realise is that lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are extremely complicated to tell apart. Even highly qualified gemologists aren’t able to tell the variance without comprehensive testing since they both carry the same molecular structure.

Reasons to Choose Lab Grown Diamonds for Jewelry

Below you will see the amazing benefits of buying and wearing lab grown diamonds.

Expect higher clarity

Natural flawless stones are rare; however, the majority of lab diamonds manufacturer have handled to refine methods to guarantee flawless quality. You will find some manufacturers that include a special coating to avoid the stone from damage and to boost its ability to reflect light.

They are not costly

You are aware that white diamonds are the most complicated to grow inside a lab, making them costlier than coloured versions. On the other hand, the lab grown yellow and blue diamonds are just about ten per cent of the price it would cost for those mined versions.

They are free from conflict

Most natural diamonds are mined in war-ravaged areas of Africa. Such diamonds leave a trail of abuse, violence and in other cases, even civil wars. What’s more, even the diamonds minded from conflict-free areas are minded from the Earth using underprivileged human and labour rights violations. Lab grown diamonds are a topic to such controversy and are made by trained and certified experts, leaving no doubts about their origins.

The ecosystem isn’t harmed during the production of these diamonds

If you perform some research about diamond mining, you will understand that such operations are significant in scale. They are more likely to leave the surrounding in rags too. As for lab grown diamonds, they are created with a modest amount of resources, and they are made inside labs with less or no damage to our Mother Earth.

They are clearer and bigger

Compared to natural diamonds, randomness and chance rarely play in the synthesis of lab-grown diamonds. Because of the extremely controlled conditions, professionals can make diamonds, which are bigger and clearer, along with higher regularity.

Lab Grown vs Simulants

Stop thinking about moissanite or cubic zirconia. They are cheap diamond substitutes. Today, you could have authentic diamonds at a very reasonable cost.

Simulants don’t have similar physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Simulants could be determined from lab grown or natural diamonds with the help of the naked eye.

You see, lab grown and natural diamonds features thermal conductivity, which differentiates them from simulants via a handheld diamond tester. You will find some lab grown diamonds that might be mistakenly determined as moissanite when utilising particular diamond tests. That’s mainly because of their similarity in electrical conductivity.

Nonetheless, gemologists could differentiate between moissanite and diamond because of their unique refractive properties. Diamonds are single refractive while simulant has double refractive properties.

Others Considerations You Must Know about Lab Grown Diamonds

Is the outer hardness is the same as a natural diamond?

You must bear in mind that a natural diamond offers a surface hardness of ten. A good lab grown diamond normally measures roughly 9.5, but both must be able to cut a glass.

What is its index of refraction?

Both kinds of diamonds must have an index of refraction of 2.42. That makes it complicated to differentiate between the two. What’s more, the measurement enables you to determine how much light the diamond will refract.

How is it polished?

Both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds must be polished along with a diamond powder. Doing this will help them look authentic and amazing.

Does it fade with time?

Of course not! Lab grown diamonds stay forever like those mined stones.

Is it accessible in all clarity and colour?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are accessible in all clarity and colour similar to mined diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamond Perfect for You?

No doubt, lab grown diamonds are the ideal option for people who are seeking for an ethical and sustainable stone. One of their wonderful selling points is that they could be placed in nearly all types of setting. It does not matter if its white gold, 24-carat gold or sterling silver. They always look perfect in everything.

Shine with those diamonds in the mood or colour motif you might have. The diamonds are accessible in colourless as well as coloured stones. In fact, colourless diamonds in synthetics are much rare than natural, colourless stones. Such near colourless or colourless diamonds are much difficult to grow.

Getting rid of the inclusions, such as nitrogen that is plentiful in our environment, is an intricate technique. Yet, these lab grown diamonds still come cheaply than those mind stones. For coloured stones, you could pick colours in green, pink, blue and yellow.

Yellow stones are generated by adding more nitrogen in the process. Blue gems are made by including boron. Other inclusions are included to generate green or pink. The accessibility of colours makes it simple for you to complement your outfit or add bling to your fashion.

Whatever colour of stone you wear, the lustre and brilliance of the diamond must catch attention and compliments to you. The brilliance is accomplished due to the growth patterns of the gem as well as the lack of inclusions generated by the lab technology. That amazing feature is the key to the simple and yet sparklingly sophisticated look.

Lab grown diamonds are a beautiful substitute to mined diamonds. Not just are they every bit as magnificent, but they are conflict-free and eco-friendly as well. That only denotes you aren’t paying for something, which supports wars or causes suffering from the human. Being able to use your lab diamond jewellery with peace of mind is of utmost importance to you. You like to guarantee that you are getting the most of your buck.

With that in mind, we hope you already understand the crucial information you need to know about lab grown diamonds and their benefits. Knowing what makes a mined diamond and a lab-grown diamond the same could help you identify whether or not the gem you’re considering is worth the money you spent on it.

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